Rover Tank

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  • Product size: 26.5cm X 21.5cm X 21cm
  • Product package: Colour box
  • Box size: 39cm X 15.5cm X 28cm
  • Carton size: 48.5cm X 41cm X 58cm
  • Operating time: about 2.5hours
  • Remote controlled distance: 30-60meters
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With it being App controlled, you can control it right from your iPad, iPod or iPhone. The wireless Spy Tank is powered by 6*AA batteries, and can work up to 150 minutes. Of course, the Spy Tank just carries out missions on the land. It can move forward/backward, turn left/right. Buy one and enjoy the endless pleasure with your family.

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  1. Apple21

    OK I love the tank however I would like to talk bout somethings which were confusing to me for instance this product does not connect to my wireless network, it creates it’s own then you connect to it with ipad in my case so I cann’t be in say California and drive my tank around my home in Georgia. upon further review of the discription I determined no claims were made stating the product could do this. Additionally I would like to mention that battery life isn’t great it takes 6 double a batteries with no pluggin for recharging just pull them out put them in. As the batteries become weak the signal range deminishes. This should have been equiped with Lith ion batteries and recharging station which you could drive into. oh not good for off road (off sidewalk).


  2. HollandW

    This actually works pretty well. My son no longer plays with it as he’s 13 but it was a lot of fun for a few years. Range is ok. video is pretty good as well. Software download to ipad fairly easy and simple to use for the most part.


  3. HappySg

    When I bought the Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank with Night Vision it was mainly just to randomly drive around the house and spy on stuff although very loud when it moves. I think it is OK if you can find a good use for it but it’s not really for spying.


  4. Jenni

    It is nice. By my iphone, I can control it very well. I want to control it by my computer. where can I get the communication protocol?


  5. Dave

    My son loves it, plays w/ it on the touch and Ipad regularly… it’s on the main shelf in his romm 😉 if he’s happy, i am too..